How Becoming a Mom Changes You: How Do Children Change Your Life?

How Becoming a Mom Changes You? I can’t even remember what life was like before having kids.  Having had a child at a young age, I adapted to motherhood a long time ago.  Just as my son was getting to the age where I could get “My” life back, I had to go and have another one!  I must say, my life has changed greatly, but I embrace and find the humor in every change. I hope you do to!

Pic of How Becoming a Mom Changes You

How Becoming a Mom Changes You

How Becoming a Mom Changes You

  1. What is sleep? – I vaguely remember what it was like to feel well-rested, does that ever come back?
  2. Speed-Eating – I can polish off a full plate of spaghetti AND meatball in 2 minutes flat
  3. Give up the goods – When the kids want thirds, you drop your fork and give them the rest of yours
  4. The two minute face – Spend the first minute applying an abundance of under eye cover up and the second minute applying mascara, blush and lip colour.  Done.
  5. I can sing the song to Elmo’s world, word for word
  6. When I go into a clothing store, I go directly to the baby’s section.
  7. The thought of wear heels all day long hurts my feet
  8. When I go purse shopping, I make sure it has enough pockets for wipes, a diaper, some cream, sanitizer, a sippy cup and some snacks.. oh ya, and my wallet
  9. I’ve become immune to the smell of puke, poop and morning breath
  10. You feel no ways wiping that ridiculously snotty nose, you know, the one that runs down their top lip and into their mouth if you don’t catch it in time?  Using your hand if there’s no tissue around.. that’s right, I’ve done it.. bare hand.
  11. You get wicked Mommy sense – You know when they are awake, up to know good and hurt
  12. Your profile pic on Facebook gets hijacked by pictures of and comments about your children

Having “been there and done that” I know it’s constantly changing and if you don’t give into it, you can drive yourself crazy. How Becoming a Mom Changes You? Enjoy it, before you know it, they’ll be flying away from the nest and you won’t know what to do with yourself.

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