Easy DIY Fingerprint Flower Vase Craft for Kids to Make

DIY Fingerprint Flower Vase Craft for Kids to Make. Mothers day is approaching quite quickly below are just a few crafts that you can do with any age child to create an awesome Mommy’s day gifts.

Pic of DIY Fingerprint Flower Vase Craft

DIY Fingerprint Flower Vase Craft

DIY Fingerprint Flower Vase Craft for Kids

What You Will Need

  1. Empty Glass Jar
  2. Enamel Paint (Acrylic Paint)

Tips Before You Start

If you use Acrylic paint you will have to spray the surface with acrylic sealer so that it will not wash off.  Please take not that this process will dull the surface of the jar.

Lets Get Started

  1. Read all directions found on the back of the Enamel Paint jar.  Sometimes you will be asked to apply an undercoat or overcoat before you add your design.
  2. Clean the outside of your jar thoroughly.  Rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner are the best product to use to complete this step.
  3. Have the child place their fingertips into the desired color paint.  Then dot their thumbprint onto the glass to form the center of the flower.  Then with alternating colors, the child will use their fingerprints to form the flower petals.  For older children enamel markers can also be purchased and children can write a little message on the jar as well.
  4. When your design is complete, let the paint dry according to the directions on the jar of paint. This may include drying the piece in an oven for a specified amount of time.
  5. Have the children make some paper flowers or plant a real flower in there for your SPECIAL MOM!

That’s a delightful way to make a super easy DIY fingerprint flower vase craft for you , a lovely little vase that is perfect Mother’s Day that young and old will have a great time creating!

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