Cheap n Easy Dog Bed DIY, How to Make a Homemade Dog Bed

Easy DIY Dog Bed: How to Build a Dog Bed Out of Wood, – Have you ever wondered how easy would it be to make a homemade dog bed like the ones you see in the stores? A homemade dog bed is affordable, and it doesn’t have to be fancy, a simple pillow bed will make your dog feel comfy. Making use of things you have at home, you can make your dog a simple bed with this Cheap n Easy Dog Bed DIY.

Pic of Easy DIY Dog Bed - How to Build a Dog Bed Out of Wood

How to Build a Dog Bed Out of Wood (Cheap n Easy Dog Bed DIY)

Ideas for Easy DIY Dog Bed

While there are many options for store-bought dog beds, you may find it is better just to make a basic homemade dog bed for your dog. When designing a easy diy dog bed yourself, you can make it as luxurious as you like, after you take the appropriate dog measurements.

Your local fabric store will have colorful print fabrics with paw prints to choose from, or you can use foam pieces (7 inches thick), which make the dog bed more comfortable for a dog with canine arthritis problems. Remnants can also be used when making the dog bed cover. Your dog will be happy lying close to you at night, but in the winter it is nice to have something warm to lie on instead of a cold floor.

A nice Cheap n Easy Dog Bed DIY can be made by stuffing old socks into a pillowcase, and sewing the end of the pillowcase shut if you have nothing else. You can also make a dog bed out of an old couch cushion, by covering it with a pillowcase or fabric. If you have more than one dog, make an extra large sized DIY dog bed for them to share. Kids can have fun too, by helping make shapes with felt-cutouts, then gluing them to the cover. Be as creative as you want.

Taking Basic Easy DIY Dog Bed Measurements

First, measure the length of your dog from head to tail, while the dog is stretched out. Next, measure the width of your dog when it is in a curled up position, adding 2 inches to the length, and to the width. These are basic dimensions for a square shaped dog bed. If making a circular bed, use the stretched-out measurements unless you have a pattern that specifies differently.

Directions for Making your Pillow Dog Bed

How to Build a Dog Bed Out of Wood?

Things Needed:

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Scissors
  3. 2-3 pillows (older pillows will do fine)
  4. Sewing pins, to hold pillows in place when sewing.
  5. Sewing machine or you can hand-stitch.
  6. Felt pieces (optional) for designing the pillow top.
  7. Glue (optional) for felt pieces.
Image of How to Build a Dog Bed Out of Wood (Cheap n Easy Dog Bed DIY)

Easy DIY Dog Bed: How to Build a Dog Bed Out of Wood


Making the inside is easy. Just take two pillows, and overlap them from 4-6 inches thick until you get the firmness you want. If you need more cushion, use a third pillow in the middle. Sew pillows together where they are overlapped for extra strength, this can be done on a sewing machine. You may find it easier to do it by hand, because the pillows are quite puffy. When done, it should look like one big pillow.


  • You can use fabric from the fabric store or scraps from old curtains or a fleece blanket that you already have at home. When designing your own, nothing has to be perfect. The fabric needs to wrap around the pillow with several inches overlapping. Remove excess width to make a custom pillowcase.
  • Fold unhemmed edges, overlapping edges twice then pin every few inches, then start sewing the pillowcase. (Store-bought fabric will have to be sewn at both edges).
  • Wrap the cover tightly around the pillow, laying it out and overlapping edges in the middle. Having exact measurements are not necessary at this point. Everything should be inside-out, making sure the hem uglies are facing up and out.
  • One side of pillow should be closed, then you can slide the pillow out to adjust and pin.
  • When the other side is closed, the two edges that are long you can now sew.
  • When finished the pillowcase can be turned right-side out.
  • Close overlap, similar to a baggie, or pillow sham. Put pillow into cover, and turn it over.
  • Let your dog enjoy their new fluffy pillow bed with their favorite dog chew toy beside them.

There is no right or wrong when designing your own homemade dog bed with this Cheap n Easy DIY Dog Bed step by step instructions. You can substitute different fabrics, or use foam pieces instead of old pillows when you get new ones.

The fabric doesn’t have to be new, a basic DIY dog bed can be made simply with things you have at home, or you can put more into it if you’re crafty. The cover can easily be removed for washing. That’s a how to build a dog bed out of wood step by step instructions.

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