When Children Claim They are Seeing Ghosts or Spirits

Can Children See Ghosts? – Are we alone on this earth or do spirits and ghosts walk among us? Some people believe we are not alone and many of them are children. What would you do as a parent if your child claimed they were seeing ghosts or spirits?

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Can Children See Ghosts? When Children Claim They are Seeing Ghosts

Can Children See Ghosts?

Some children are haunted by scary dreams and nightmares; once they wake up and are comforted by some loving, trusting arms, they go back to sleep and all is well. But, what happens if their eyes are wide open and they are seeing these nightmares while awake?

You can’t see them, but would you doubt your child? or the fear in their eyes? Can children see ghosts?

For many years paranormal reality television shows have even the strongest of skeptics scratching their heads and wondering if there are ghosts and spirits wondering among us.

Some believe children are able to see the spiritual realm at a very young age. Many children have an imaginary friend they speak and play with, some talk to family members who have passed and others see something else; something scary. We try to tell children there are no such things as ghost and spirits and in time many believe it and stop seeing what we hope is their imagination.

A few children keep seeing things even thought they try really hard to believe it’s not real. Just looking into why this was happening with a child would give both the parent and child some relief. It’s important to realize you don’t have to believe what they might or night not be seeing, just believe your child believes it… As does thousands of metaphysics, psychics worldwide as well as the general public.

How can anyone doubt a child who claims they are speaking with a family member that passed before they were born, with details they could never have known?

If a child believes he or she is haunted in some way or you as a parent feel there may be something a bit more than what science can offer as an answer, there are many resources online, in the library and in the yellow pages as a place to begin your research.

Always consult with a family doctor or pediatrician first and foremost. There are many sleep disorders that can cause hallucinations as well as night terrors. But if an object moves in mid air or things start to manifest that are in the shape of people you all happen to see, I don’t think your doctor will do much but give you 30 days at the happy farm with a “Thorazine drip.”

Always talk to your children about fantasy and reality especially if you are watching, reading or playing about something that is not real. The more they understand about the difference the more you are to believe them when they tell you something that is out of the ordinary.

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So, Can Children See Ghosts?

Would you believe your child if they told you they had seen a ghost or spirit?

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Can children see ghosts? Writers are usually supposed to keep as much personal opinion out of articles as possible and just stick with the facts.

The fact is, there are not many facts on the subject, and what is out there sometimes comes from people wanting money to help you. Imagine that? Wanting money to help children and families with fears of the unknown. Sure there is money to be had in having gifts or abilities, even for those who fake them. So whom do you trust? Especially when it comes to your children.

Most people with “real” gifts or abilities know in their heart that the gift was given from the “powers that be.” And are meant to help not just themselves but others as well.

When you mess in that realm, you have to live by their laws, and one as we call karma is major. Not upsetting the balance or it will come back to us. Now how do you think this realm would react to making millions off of peoples fears and woes?

Some of the information you can find sounds way out there on some web sites, while others sound ritualistic. Unfortunately those are the sites that are more close to the truth is solving your problem than you know.

You see when dealing with the spiritual realm, you don’t use orthodox methods, again, different laws. We really don’t try to understand them. They are like oldwife’s tales. People know these things work and you use them. If for some reason the first method does not work you try another.

Believers have collected these methods for centuries and passed them down from one generation to the next because a child seeing spirits and ghosts is not a new thing. So can children see ghosts? – Children from all over the world have claimed to see the paranormal realm since the beginning of time.

There are many theories as to why children are experiencing these things more than adults do. Most doctors will tell you schizophrenia, head or mental trauma, among many other disorders they will label your child under. In some cases this may be so. (Yeah I had to say that) But you tell me how a child some as young as two and three could fake the fear I know the parents who wrote me saw in their child’s face, or when a perfectly healthy child says they are seeing dark things, ghosts or spirits and are scared enough to pee their pants?

These things are real to a large population of people… and many of your children.

As children we were conditioned to not believe in things like ghosts, Imaginary friends and things that go bump in the dark. With all the paranormal movies and television shows children no longer just ignore what they know they see or hear as they were told to in the past. So more are in tune to their gifts instead of pushing them away.

Playing with things like Ouija boards and séances are not good things to enhance gifts. These tools open the door to the spiritual realm faster than you or your child may be ready for. Know this, however you open the door, it stays open that wide. There is no closing it. Not only nice things come through.

Allow time and knowledge to be you and your child’s guide, not haste. Many people who enter hastily have nightmares that follow them through life.

Can children see ghosts? Some believe children are given these abilities to prepare them for their destiny in the spiritual realm after this life. They become stronger and more powerful as they grow up and gain knowledge for those who follow their fated path.

Some believe the fight between good and evil in the spiritual realm has spilled over to our realm and each side is looking for recruitment and it is our choice and we realize our powers which side to take.

There are so many theories as to why this has been happening that trying to wrap your mind around it would drive a person crazy. The fact is, it is happening. These children are special and gifted. They need your guidance and protection not just from what they believe they are seeing, but also from those who will call them names here in our realm.

What we choose to do here and now about it while it is happening to you, your children or someone you care about is what is important.

Image of Selfie with Spirit (Can Children See Ghosts?)

Selfie with Spirit (Can Children See Ghosts?)

How to Help Children Who See Spirits

First Steps in Helping Children Who See Spirits or Ghosts

So can children actually see ghosts? First and foremost, if you suspect any health issue or mental issue do not hesitate to take your child for medical help. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Many parents who wrote had the same concern at the top of their list. How to relieve the fear their children have. (And the fear they have as well). Unfortunately the spiritual realm does not just grant us courage when asked. They place us in a situation where courage is needed, hence finding your inner courage.

There are certain earthly items known to ward off negative energy such as a tiger-eye. When you give it to your child not only does it have magical qualities in the spiritual realm it gives your child a sense of power.

This power translates into the elimination of fear. By eliminating the fear your child will the biggest weapon against negative spirits or ghost because they feed off it.

What would give a child more strength than any crystal can is you as the parent. First by believing your child. If this is just too much for you, (and that is understandable) then believe your child believes. You are the defensive wall between what is frightening your child and your child. Take a stand and tell the thing to go away and stop scaring your child. Say it with force and with intent. Allow your child to see this; they will gain strength from it and eventually tell them to go away themselves.

Cleansing your home is a good idea as well. It puts up a protective barrier that keeps out most negative things from the spiritual realm as well as this one. Some cultures do it with sweet grass while some use holy water. However you decide to do your cleansing put your heart and belief in what you are doing because the spiritual realm knows what is in your heart.

For centuries many have used salt for cleansings and protection. Simply sprinkle salts along the perimeter of each room while chanting; “cleanse my home from negative energy.” Cover all room perimeters and outside your home along your home perimeter. Be sure to cross each door entrance as well while chanting.

There is a phrase I have used for years. I have taught it to my children and many people who have experiences with negative energy. It’s simple in English; Expel Negative Energy, but in Latin for some reason has a lot of power. Teach it to your children and use it yourself when you start to be afraid.

” Expello Inficialis Phasmatis” Pronounced: X-pello In-fishy-ellis Faz-Matis

The biggest weapon you and your child have against negative spirits or ghost is facing and defeating your fear. They feed off your fears and use them for power they use against you. If you have seen or read Stephen King’s, The Stand, the same concept applies. By eliminating the fear the people took away the power from the evil forces. This is the goal you are trying to teach your child. Once they stop fearing what they are seeing they will have gained the power that weakens the negative. So… Can children see ghosts?

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